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Joining the Market

Being part of the farmers' market can be a rewarding experience for both your business and for our community. If you believe your farm or business would be a good addition to the market, please consider applying to become a vendor. Below you will find information about guidelines for becoming a member as well as applicable market and legal regulations.  

Who Can Join

The Huntingdon Farmers' Market promotes local farmers and makers of homemade products such as baked goods, jams, preserved foods, etc.  As such, the resale of auction produce and prepackaged goods is prohibited.  Crafts are also prohibited unless all the material is produced by the vendor (e.g. dried flowers.)  The resale of other produce not from the vendor is only allowed with the permission of the membership committee as long as the source is local and it does not compete directly with established vendors.  Resale produce cannot exceed 20% of the vendor's total sales.

General Information

The Huntingdon Farmers’ Market accepts applications to join the market on a first come first serve basis, depending on available space.  Applications should be submitted four weeks before the start of the market season, although late requests will be accepted at the discretion of the market manager as space allows.  Prospective vendors should allow two weeks for the market membership committee to review the application. For specific questions about the market that are not listed on the website, please contact us at

Requirements for Membership

Besides filling out the application form, all vendors must supply a current certificate of insurance from their insurance agent.  

In addition, vendors are required supply all certificates required by federal, state and local authorities.  To determine whether you are required to have health or food handling certificates refer to Farmers_Market_FAQs.


Members pay an annual fee of $20 plus a weekly fee of $12.

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