1. Order online and pay in advance;

2. Before market, vendors will put together your order;

3. When you arrive at market, park in the pick-up locations and place a piece of paper / sign with your name and invoice # in large letters in your window (this is to make it easier for the runners to read);

4. A runner will deliver your order to you. 


On-Site Shopping

1. Hours: 11:00 A.M. - 3 P.M.


2. Please assign ONE family member to visit the market.

3. Entering Market:

  • ALL customers and vendors are required to wear masks. You will not be allowed into the market without one. Re-usable masks will be provided while supplies last. ​​​

  • Customers cannot enter the pavilion. Please follow the one-way (counterclockwise) shopping path around the pavilion and DO NOT cross the ropes.

  • Customer distancing circles / markers will be on the ground to maintain appropriate distancing (6 ft.).

4. In the Market:

  • Customers MAY NOT touch the produce or products. Please convey your choices verbally to each vendor.

  • Each vendor will have a produce / product pick-up point. Please follow vendor directions for picking up. Only ONE person is allowed in the pick-up zone at a time. 


5. Payment:

  • Vendors will still accept cash, checks, FMNP vouchers, Market Bucks, Bonus Bucks directly. Please follow vendor instructions for giving payment. 

  • For credit cards, customers will pay at the cashier at the end of the shopping path (near the playground). Give the cashier the white invoice from each vendor you visited. 


6. General:

  • Consumption of food on the premises is prohibited.

  • Absolutely no pets allowed.

  • If you feel unwell, assign someone to visit market for you. 


Visit Market

Portstown Park

842 Penn St, Huntingdon

 PA 16652

Thursdays, 11:00 to 3:00

May Through October

Thank you for following Covid-19 Safety Rules while visiting market in person.

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