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Underhill Farm

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William Smiley Churchill


The farm currently raises a heritage breed of sheep, Leicester Longwools, as well as Angora goats on the rolling hills of the area.  Their fleeces are processed into lustrous, beautiful yarns. The fibers make a wonderful yarn that is strong and lustrous.   It is durable as well as elegant.  The Longwools have been raised since the early Middle Ages but it was an Englishman, Robert Bakewell, who through selective breeding, developed the characteristics of the Leicester Longwools. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson raised this breed of sheep. Utilizing the effort and research from the Livestock Department at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, the Leicester Longwools were brought back to America in 1990. Angora goats are a docile animal with a lustrous, strong fiber that yields a beautiful yarn. The goats are white, or black or red.  Mohair is reported to be stronger and warmer than wool!  But when we combined the Leicester longwool with the mohair, the combination creates a wonderful yarn.  The animals are shorn twice a year to improve the quality of yarn we sell.

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