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Tristen Nead


Hello, I’m Tristen, the owner of 3 C Acres. Formally known as Front Yard Funny Farm. This will be my second year at the market and I’m so happy and excited to be back! My husband and I, along with our three children, Connor (14),Clementine (4), and Cedar (1), live on my family’s farm. I’m lucky enough to have my closest family as my neighbors for they all live on the farm as well.


 Growing up I never imagined that I would ever want to do anything related to farming, but, a few years ago I realized that the food I was eating and products I was using from the grocery store weren’t good for me or my family. This lead to me making my own soap. Afterwards, it went to raising chickens for eggs, then chickens for meat and finally last fall I was able to fill our freezer full of pork for the first time. There’s something truly amazing about raising or growing your own food. It’s knowing what you’re putting into your body. It’s going back to one ingredient foods. I believe in letting the animals live a full, happy, and healthy life. They get fresh pasture and fed NON GMO feed made with herbs and essential oils. They get sunlight and not stuck in a barn all day. I believe in rotational grazing and making the soil on the farm better. As of now, I have pastured chicken and pork. I also do turkeys for Thanksgiving. But I hope in the future to add beef. I also make lard soap and other products. Lard is very beneficial to good skin health and can help with so many skin conditions. And since the pigs were out basking in the sunshine, the lard is full of Vitamin D. Sunlight and what the pig eats gets absorbed into the fat. In return, we reap the benefits. I also make salves, facial masks, lotion bars, bug spray, and chapstick. I only use natural ingredients and essential oils. I can also do a custom order. So that’s a little of what I do and I can’t wait to see you at the market this year!

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